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Personalized Gourd Kalimba

Personalized Gourd Kalimba

$ 54.95


Personalized Gourd Kalimba, Music, Instrument, Birthday gift, Christmas gift, wedding gift

  • The Canteen Gourd Kalimba has a unique sound of its own.
  • Each gourd chosen for our instruments has its own characters dictated by mother nature.
    • We take that beauty and enhance it with our earth tones as well as apply the keys to make the melodic sound that so many have fallen in love with. Whether you are following
  • Comes with a numbered songbook
  • The name kalimba is a Bantu word which means “little music”, and is similar to the word karimba, a type of mbira.
  • The Kalimba, is perfect for play and experimentation. Sturdy enough for children, it is a welcome addition to the standard percussion instruments normally available.
    • The thumb piano is simple to play and has an appealing marimba-like sound. Accurately tuned with an accompanying songbook, it allows adults and children alike to explore music for themselves in new ways.

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