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Wood and Tungsten Wedding Band for Men

Wood and Tungsten Wedding Band for Men

$ 84.95


Men’s Wedding Band – Ring of Strength and Growth

You’ll never want to take off this wedding ring ever again!

Many men would only wear one piece of ring in his entire life – the wedding ring. A sign of true love and a promise of everlasting life with the person you most care about. Show your true feelings for the only person who completes the other half of you and wear the Men’s Wedding Band – Ring of Strength and Growth on your ring finger for the rest of your life and the life thereafter.

A wedding band with a symbolism of strength and growth, be the protector of your relationship as both you and your partner’s relationship flourish through time.


Here are the reasons why you will fall in love with this exquisite ring:

• MADE FROM EXCELLENT QUALITY MATERIAL – Our beautiful men’s wedding band are made from high quality tungsten and oak barrel wood that is made to last you a long time. They are durable and robust and will not easily break due to pressure and daily wear.
• SCRATCH RESISTANT AND DOES NOT TARNISH OR FADE – Made from reliable metal, they are low maintenance and can maintain its luster and shine even if you wear them every day. It will not fade while leaving your ring looking always pristine and spotless. It can also resist scratch marks due to daily wear and tear.
• COMES WITH A PERSONALIZED WOOD BOX – Each of our wedding band comes with a beautiful wood box made from walnut which you can easily personalize by adding quotes, messages, dates or names that gives the ring a more defined feature.
• ELEGANT AND SUPERB DESIGN – This wedding band is designed to stand out with its delicate combination of wood and metal. The superb tungsten provides a beautiful contrast to the subtle glint of the dark oak wood placed along the band of the ring.
• A PERFECT GIFT FOR SOMEONE YOU LOVE – If you are looking for a great gift to give to your husband, your brother or male friend, this is what you have been searching for. Placed in a gorgeous box, this ring is ready to be given to a new owner who would definitely know how to appreciate a special present.

Product Details:
• Material: Tungsten and White Oak Barrel Wood
• Measurement: 8mm wide
• Available Sizes: 1/2 sizes between 8-13

How to Take Care of the Product:
1. Fill a small cup with warm water and add a dash of mild dish soap.
2. Remove your ring from your finger and place them inside the small cup and let is soak for 10-15 minutes.
3. Lather the soap onto your ring without using any cloth or sponge – just use your fingers.
4. Pull your ring out from the solution and wash with clean warm water.
5. Dry the ring using a paper towel and watch it return to its original state.