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Custom Pizza Cutter Gift Set

Custom Pizza Cutter Gift Set

$ 32.95


Personalized Pizza Cutter Set, Pizza Knife, House Warming, New College Student Gift, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, New Apartment, Unique Birthday

This traditional pizza wheel cutter isn't just for pizza. You can effortlessly slice through any kind of pizza, flatbread or quesadilla. Crafted with a wood handle, steel finger protector and a stainless steel blade to smoothly cut through piping hot pizza with ease and comfort.

***The pizza board is not included*** The set includes the cutter, knife and engraved box.

The unique pizza knife is a great alternative to the typical round pizza cutter, especially when you are serving deep dish or pan pizza. The serrated stainless steel blade allows you to cut through thick crust with ease and remove a single slice at a time. The stamped out "pizza" on the blade will automatically answer the question, What's for dinner? This is a must have gift for any pizza lover!

The Personalized hard cardboard gift box measures 7" x 9 1/4" x 1" and makes the set a truly unique gift for any occasion.